Psychologically Supported Intervention & Investigation
P.O. Box 752
245 Russell Street
Hadley Park Plaza
Hadley, MA  01035

Fax: 413-303-9666

PSII is a unique agency maintaining investigators with decades of prior law enforcement experience.  PSII carries out criminal and civil investigations, including case consultation, missing persons, surveillance, computer forensics, forensic accounting, and intelligence gathering. 

PSII offers a broad range of unique, psychologically supported interventions and assessments directed toward public service agencies and businesses, including anger and stress management, conflict resolution, and mediation.  PSII also assists in developing training and peer support programs to counter stress exhaustion and stress-related disorders. 

PSII offers alternative resources to public service unions and associations in cases where personnel issues are directly related to stress and trauma.  PSII develops proven strategies of education and intervention directed at resolving disciplinary issues while gaining labor and management support. 

PSII investigators are trained in personal protection and are individually licensed to carry firearms.  PSII provides a broad range of threat assessment and risk management services, including the development of comprehensive safety plans.


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