Threat Assessment
  Workplace/Domestic Settings
  Facilities and Structures
Unique resource to identify individual motivation, intent, knowledge, and means to carry out direct or implied threats.  Assess the potential for violent behavior and assign levels of risk to the victims or targets of violent behavior. 

Risk Management
Development of comprehensive safety plans and responsible personnel deployments, including the ability to provide an armed presence to ensure personal safety, facility security, and structure confidence.

Statement Content Analysis
  Threat Communication
Minimize costly resources through analysis of written text and verbal communication.  Content analysis can identify coercion, statement accuracy, and motivation for deception. 

Facility Access Control
  Policy Development
Comprehensive evaluation and risk management for public and private buildings and structures.  Adopting federal standards, training programs, provide screening procedures for walk-through, hand-held metal detectors, personal property, and persons with special needs.  Specialized training in access awareness, weapon identification, concealment tactics, and explosive identification.


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