Stress Management
Evaluation, education, prevention, and inoculation in cases of occupational and personal stress.  Individual and group formats provide positive coping mechanisms and essential stress survival skills. 

Anger Management
Anger as a secondary emotion.  Process identifies precipitating factors and tracks patterns of behavior, and yields positive, cognitive, and behavioral approaches to coping.  Designed for individuals and groups. 

Mediation and Dispute Resolution
Focuses on historical information and precipitating events as an influence to conflict.  Recognition of conflict escalators, peripheral events, introduction of third-party intervention, and coaching to resolve interpersonal and workplace conflict. 

Short- and Long-Term Interventions
Recent tragedies at home and abroad have illustrated the effects of exposure to trauma.  Interventions address immediate and long-term exposure to trauma, critical incidents, and high-profile cases.  Off-site evaluation of presenting problem and identification of cursory issues target need and urgency.  In-depth educational component to minimize the effects of exposure, referral programs for recovery, aftercare, and post-recovery management. 

Training and Peer Support Programs
Training targets management and line personnel to identify the signs and symptoms of stress exhaustion and stress-related disorders.  Designed to address immediate symptoms and minimize long-term effects.  Individual problem identification treatment plans for positive coping and recovery, as well as peer support programs.  Programs for groups, families, and individuals.


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